Our Mission

To protect, restore and educate about the beautiful and ecologically important Satilla River

Our Vision

Our hope is for a Satilla River, its tributaries, and its terrestrial watershed that support healthy fisheries, safe swimming, diverse wildlife populations, superb recreational opportunities, a stable water supply, and sustainable human economic activity throughout the basin.

Our Goals

1. One hundred percent compliance among public and private activities within the Satilla River watershed with state/federal clean water laws and regulations.

2. A detailed knowledge of the structure and function of the Satilla River watershed ecological system, including long-running tabulations, archival, and analysis of key parameters that will allow responsive monitoring of the state of "health" of the system.

3. A high level of awareness among the general public, local governing bodies, and local business interests in the basin of the state of the Satilla River, the effect of their activities on the quality of the Satilla River system, and the importance of the Satilla River and its tributaries to their way and quality of life.

How We Get There

The operation of a strong Satilla Riverkeeper organization, conducting and networking efforts to educate, inform, enforce, research, and litigate on issues in the Satilla River basin can meet these goals. It took many years to drive the Satilla into the condition she is in. There are many well-financed, quite vested interests who have stake in continuing to drive the Satilla toward being simply a waste-treatment and elimination system. It will take a lot of time and money to turn things around and get her back to where she deserves to be. You can and should become a part of this effort. We have started the ball rolling. Join NOW and help us get up an unstoppable head of steam. Contact us directly for the details on how you can help in many ways other than simple cash donations. We can't wait to work with you!!!


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Please give what you can and help SRK make a difference for the future of our river.

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