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Water Quality & Quantity

Afternoon picture of Ashby and a friend on colorful kayaks paddling down the Satilla River




    • Promote conservation and restoration of Satilla River wetlands & critical habitats through NRCS Wetland Reserve Program and Georgia Conservancy Land Conservation Program
    • Conduct water quality monitoring and training throughout the watershed via Georgia Adopt-A-Stream

    • Encourage appropriate and sustainable land-use that protects water quality.
    • Monitor industries and activities (i.e.surface mining, pipelines, ATV parks, etc) and demand compliance with current environmental laws, regulations & BMP’s
    • Influence state-wide water policy & legislation through Georgia Water Coalition
    Respond to citizen complaints and concerns for the Satilla River waters.

    Demand cleanup of toxic legacy sites created by old industrial practices that harm water, soil and air.
    • Remediate current pollution problems such as trash and other pollution sources.
    • Promote restored hydrology and habitat at Noyes Cut in the Satilla River estuary
    • Eradicate invasive species such as the Flathead Catfish, water hyacinth and the Apple Snail

    • Promote proper river stewardship to the youth through our “Satilla Stewards” program
    • Hold Quarterly ‘River Appreciation’ paddle trips Calendar
    • Conduct community outreach about the Satilla River  - Like us on Facebook.

    * Working to establish the first Satilla River Water Trail


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305 Bedell Ave
Woodbine, GA 31569
Tel (912) 510-9500
Toll Free (866) 472-8542

Please give what you can and help SRK make a difference for the future of our river.

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