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In 2000, a passionate Satilla River loving group of individuals, including James Holland, Jack Sandow, Dr. Guy Moorman, Chip Sasser, Richard Sasser, Larry Purdom and Charles Lagoueyte saw that their beloved river was being threatened by a multitude of pollutors and joined forces to do something about it. They felt that the Satilla was a beautiful but forgotten river. Some of these individuals had worked diligently on solid-waste issues in Waycross, bringing a lot of press and pressure on waste generators to slow down or stop the tremendous amount of garbage and trash washing into the river. The momentum was slowly building to do great things for the Satilla.




Chair: Jim Cottingham - Coffee County
Vice Chair: Guy Moorman - Coffee County
Treasurer: Clay Montague - Camden County
Secretary: Wilton Deloach - Ware County
Carol McNeary - Pierce County
Billy Michael Lee - Brantley County
Beth Roach - Wayne County
George Varn - Charlton County

Board of Directors

Our Riverkeeper

Laura Early

Photo of Ashby Nix Standing at the railing in front of the water. I am grateful and honored for the opportunity to serve as the next Satilla Riverkeeper. As a South Carolinian, my first encounter with the Satilla River watershed was as a sea turtle technician on Cumberland Island. I was captivated by the ecosystems, history, and communities of coastal Georgia, and this region has never really let me go. I worked with extension programs at the University of Florida and Clemson University, as well as a small nonprofit in Sanibel, Florida before I returned to the Georgia coast as a naturalist on Little St. Simons Island.  As my understanding of the region grew, I recognized the vital connections between the rivers and coastal ecosystems--and the people that depend on them. To become better equipped to protect these important resources, I decided to enter an interdisciplinary graduate school program at the University of Georgia. I earned my Masters of Science in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development in 2016, in which my research focused on environmental impacts of land use changes in the Satilla watershed. I am elated to return to coastal Georgia after a year in Washington, DC where I have worked in NOAA’s National Sea Grant Office. I love this area and all that it has to offer, and I am excited to get know and work with all of you as I transition into my new role in February.


Our Vision

A Clean and Healthy Satilla River which is fishable, swimmable, drinkable for all to enjoy!


P. O. Box 697
305 Bedell Ave
Woodbine, GA 31569
Tel (912) 510-9500
Toll Free (866) 472-8542

Please give what you can and help SRK make a difference for the future of our river.

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Laura Early and the Satilla Riverkeeper program: Promoting Grassroots Movement For Clean Water.