The mission of the Satilla Riverkeeper is to protect, restore, and educate about the ecological values and unique beauty of the Satilla River.  We want to insure adequate quality and quantity of water in the Satilla River for all uses.  We are the eyes and ears of the watershed and estuary.

Our Vision


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Fall 2016 Newsletter

Dirty Dozen Report.

Georgia Water Coalition’s “Dirty Dozen” list highlights the worst offenses to Georgia’s waters. While the Dirty Dozen does identify some ongoing and serious pollution problems, it is not a list of the most polluted water bodies in Georgia.

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Why we are needed.

Restore, Protect, Educate

You can be among the eyes and ears of the Satilla River watershed.  Together we are a formidable force for this beautiful ecological wonder.

What you can do.

Interest, Time, Talents

We need your financial support, your interest, your time, and your talents.

What we achieve.

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Find out more about exactly what The Satilla Riverkeeper does to benefit our river and our area of Georgia.

Please give what you can and help SRK make a difference for the future of our river.

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Laura Early and the Satilla Riverkeeper program: Promoting Grassroots Movement For Clean Water.